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Cheap flights Havana - Paramaribo

Find flights Havana - Paramaribo using Trabber. We search all the flights from low cost airlines, traditional carriers and online travel agencies to find the cheapest flight for the route Havana - Paramaribo.

Cheapest airlines on route Havana - Paramaribo

Code Airline % Searches % being the cheapest
Y2 Air Century 0.2 100.0
AA American Airlines 45.3 92.8
PY Surinam Airways 1.3 67.0
CM Copa 55.0 66.2
W2 FlexFlight 19.0 64.6
WN Southwest Airlines 0.3 56.2
B6 JetBlue 1.4 27.6
BW Caribbean Airlines 8.1 27.4
KX Cayman Airways 12.2 18.4
VW Aeromar 0.9 16.1
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Route price statistics

  • Minimum price: $709
  • Average price: $1,135
  • Maximum price: $3,820

Data calculated from 249 searches performed during the last 365 days

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The city has 223,000 inhabitants. The official currency is the Surinamese Dollar (SRD). The main touristic attractions are Paramaribo Zoo. The airport that serves the city is Johan Adolf Pengel (46 km). Paramaribo is a city in Suriname where Trabber offers 7 hotels.

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