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Cheap flights New Haven - San Juan

Find flights New Haven - San Juan using Trabber. We search all the flights from low cost airlines, traditional carriers and online travel agencies to find the cheapest flight for the route New Haven - San Juan.

Cheapest airlines on route New Haven - San Juan

Code Airline % Searches % being the cheapest
AA American Airlines 98.7 100.0
UA United 5.2 25.0
F9 Frontier 35.2 0.0
B6 JetBlue 35.2 0.0
NK Spirit Airlines 35.2 0.0
DL Delta 17.6 0.0
Overall ranking and explanation

How long is the flight from New Haven to San Juan?

The shortest journey by plane from New Haven (HVN) to San Juan (SJU) lasts 3 hours and 49 minutes. In the opposite direction, from SJU to HVN, it takes 4 hours and 6 minutes.

Route price statistics

  • Minimum price: $1,543
  • Average price: $1,543
  • Maximum price: $1,543

Data calculated from 1 searches performed during the last 365 days

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San Juan

Has a population of 418,000 residents. The official currency is the US Dollar ($). The main touristic attractions are Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art and Puerto Rico Museum of Art. The closest airports to the city center are Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci, Luis Muñoz Marín (11 km), Mercedita, Antonio Rivera Rodríguez and Benjamín Rivera Noriega. San Juan is a city in Puerto Rico where Trabber offers 67 hotels.

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